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Powered with 3D Technology


A one of a kind innovative solution

One of the most efficient systems on the market ready to take on the future

Reinvent your business with our self-ordering feature, contactless payments and delivery. Thanks to our high-speed technology your business can thrive no matter what the future brings

Want more sales? Make your customer happy! We can show you how...


Achieve your goals


Get more sales


Collect more stars

“Side by side we can create commercial strategies that will make your business grow exponentially.”

- Keeva


Enough with the talking TASTE IT!

Built for a Dine-In Experience

Our system was built for customers to have the best experience inside your establishment, that’s why we adapt to your needs.

Use KEEVA the way it serves you best!


Print a QR code and let your customers dive into a personalized experience.


Keeva is responsive and adapts to any device for your customers to have the best experience..

Places where we serve

Referral Program

Let’s spread the word mouth to mouth

All you have to do is:

Choose how much you want to reward your brand ambassador for sharing your business

Help your brand ambassador choose a discounted amount for the person they referred

We do the rest!

By letting your customers become brand ambassador you are increasing your chances of them sharing your business by 83%*

clients referred by a friend are 5 times more likely to buy and have a 37% higher retention rate after purchase


Kid's Menu Section


For MOST parents, allowing kids to make their own decisions is fundamentalThis is yet another thing that makes KEEVA unique..

KEEVA counts with a special menu designed specifically for our small adults! Here our main character becomes a superhero who helps kids choose their food easily in a SPACE MADE FOR THEM!

WHILE ordering, they’re also getting entertained and educated by our KEEVA superhero who will be teaching your kids about the importance of nutrition and basic health tips!

So your kids can grow up strong and healthy and straight into a brighter future

More Benefits for Customer


High Speed





Your Businesses

Know your Business (Metrics)'

Do you want to know what happens in your business without being present? Have full control in real time and in the palm of your hand

• If you have more than one location, you will see how it works from your application, wherever you are

• Get to know your customers more closely with Suggestions and Ratings in real time

• Obtain metrics and collect the necessary data to use them in the way that suits you best.


Order Management

•Reduce misunderstandings, orders raised by each client will go straight to your application .

•You will have all your sales channels at your disposal in the same place, in a single app .

•Optimize time by simplifying processes, provide a better service, and increase your sales .


Growth Strategies

We are your strategic partner for growth, we’re you’re allies in the process.

• We complement your marketing with automated promotions and loyalty programs.

Use the most effective marketing, word of mouth, with your brand ambassadors.

• Optimize your business with 5 sales channels, reservations, pre-order, pick up and delivery.

Keeva's Setup Experience

We know that leading an establishment entails you to go the extra mile, it requires you to take responsibility and assume the consequences of each decision you make.

We want to tell you, WE UNDERSTAND!

That is why we created a system that will guide you every step the way. KEEVA is easy to use. But if you need help, you can contact our free customer help line or ask for our one on one personalized service. Videos with step by step instructions on how to implement KEEVA in your establishment. Contact us with any questions or concerns.


How it work's


24/7 Customer Support


webinars, demos , videos


One-to-One onboarding

Want somebody to do it for you? We Can

Remote one on one training

Help Implementing the system

Setting up your menu

Staff Training

Tech Support

Assistance connecting to printers

Any changes

Call us!

Do you need more guidance? We have it


Talk to Our Sales Team

Find out which product fits your business needs and get your questions answered

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